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Introducing the 5 Core Computer Mouse Mat, the ultimate accessory for your PC setup. Its smooth surface and thick edges provide maximum accuracy and consistency for gaming mice, ensuring precise cursor movement even at high speeds. The non-slip rubber base keeps it firmly in place, while its waterproof coating makes it easy to clean. Plus, its elegant design makes it a perfect gift for anyone.

**Key Features:**

- Smooth fiber woven material for maximum accuracy

- Non-slip rubber base prevents sliding

- Waterproof coating for easy cleaning

- Double-stitched edges for durability

- Elegant design enhances your workspace

**Product Specifications:**

- Dimensions: 300 * 250 * 3 mm

- Material: Mercerized materials + Natural Rubber Base

**Package Includes:**

2x Computer Mouse Mat


- Easy to clean and maintain

- Improves precision and accuracy

- Provides a comfortable surface for extended use

- Enhances overall gaming experience

- Durable and long-lasting construction

**Why Choose 5 Core:**

- Trusted brand since 1984

- Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

- Premium materials for longevity

- Best deals compared to other brands

- Tested and inspected for reliability


- Suitable for gaming and everyday computing tasks

- Easy to clean with a damp cloth

- Compatible with laptops and desktops

- Provides a comfortable surface for extended use

- Enhances precision and accuracy during gameplay

5 Core Gaming Mouse Pad 3x3 Desk Mouse Mat w Rubber Base Mousepad Pair

SKU: 5core-2-pack-gaming-mouse-pad-102331778
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