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**Introducing the 5 Core RGB Computer Mouse Pad**

**Wide Surface Area:**
Experience ample movement space with our 11.8 x 9.8-inch RGB Computer Mouse Pad, perfectly suited for your desktop. Ideal for both professional gaming and office work, it accommodates all types of keyboards and mice, ensuring a comfortable user experience.

**Amazing Gaming Atmosphere:**
Immerse yourself in an incredible gaming atmosphere with our RGB gaming mouse pad. Its bright and dazzling lighting creates an unparalleled ambiance for gamers, making it the perfect accessory for enhancing your gaming setup or gifting to fellow gaming enthusiasts.

**12 Lighting Modes:**
Customize your gaming experience with 12 dynamic lighting modes, including Breathing Mode, Quick Gradient Color Mode, Slow Gradient Color Mode, and more. Each mode adds a unique touch to your setup, elevating your gaming or working environment with vibrant colors and effects.

**Optimized Gaming Surface:**
Achieve precise pixel-tracking with our mouse pad's micro-textured surface, calibrated for all mouse sensors. The optimized surface coating caters to both fast and controlled playstyles, providing gamers of all levels with superior control and accuracy during gameplay.

**Nonslip Rubber Base:**
Enjoy stability and reliability during intense gaming sessions with our mouse pad's nonslip rubber base. Crafted from natural foam rubber, it ensures the mat stays firmly in place, offering a stable foundation for gaming or office work.

**Package Includes:**
1x RGB Computer Mouse Pad

- Perfect for gamers seeking precision and speed
- Ideal for professionals spending long hours at the PC
- Suitable for graphic designers needing a smooth working environment
- Great for programmers requiring reliable functionality

**Benefits of 5 Core RGB Computer Mouse Pad:**
- Smooth-gliding surface for enhanced precision
- Ample room for gaming mice and mechanical keyboards
- Stable and comfortable surface for extended use
- Durable construction ensures uninterrupted performance
- Immersive lighting effects elevate your gaming experience

**Why Choose 5 Core:**
- Trusted brand delivering premium products since 1984
- Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
- Best deals without compromising on quality
- Backed by a proven track record of happy customers worldwide

- Easily cleanable with a damp cloth and mild soap
- Compatible with all types of mice, including optical and laser sensors
- Features a non-slip rubberized base for stability
- Offers 12 dynamic lighting modes for customization
- Designed for prolonged use with comfort in mind

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5 Core Gaming Mouse Pad RGB 12 Light Modes 2 Zone Desk Mouse Mat w

SKU: 5core-large-rgb-led-extra-larg279296939
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