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**Introducing the Ninja Dragon V1X USB Wired Ergonomic Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Set**

**Premium and Durable Design:**

Experience premium quality and durability with our gaming keyboard and mouse set, featuring an aluminum alloy panel that provides a sturdy and luxurious feel.

**Key Features:**

1. Middle-end game IC configuration ensures reliable performance.

2. Mouse offers adjustable DPI settings (1000-1600-2000-4000) for precise control.

3. High-grade skin-like technology and metal texture electroplating on mouse buttons and sides.

4. Seven-color breathing light on the mouse provides a uniform and comfortable glow.

5. Keyboard features liquid silicone construction and double-colored injection-molded keycaps for optimal light transmission.

6. Aluminum alloy wire drawing technology enhances the durability and aesthetics of the keyboard.

7. Rainbow light with three adjustable modes and adjustable brightness for customizable illumination.

8. Mechanical keyboard for enhanced performance and tactile feedback.


- Keyboard:

- Cable Length: 1800mm/5.9ft plastic wire

- Key Cap: Double color injection molding

- Panel: Aluminum alloy wire drawing

- Actuation Force: 50±5

- Mouse:

- Cable Length: 1800mm/5.9ft plastic wire

- DPI: Four-gear adjustment (1000-4000)

- Actuation Force: 65±10

- Color: Tungsten Gold

Enhance your gaming experience with the Ninja Dragon V1X keyboard and mouse set, designed for superior performance and durability.

Ninja Dragons Tungsten Gold Metal Frame Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

SKU: ninja-dragons-tungsten-gold-me1129717618
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